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About Us

A firm beleiver in quality, Shubhi brings to you the best books on Indian Heritage, Art, Architecture, Culture, Religion, and Philosophy. After a decade of excellence in providing offset printing for leading publishers, Shubhi itself ventured into publishing of scholarly reference books in 1998.

With more than 400 titles and release of about 25 books in a year, Shubhi has become a name associated with publishing of academic and scholarly books of high 

quality and has produced several outstanding publications written by renowned authors in the recent years.

Our scholarly reference books though Indian in essence have a global appeal and focus on Art, Architecture, Religion, Philosophy, English Literature, Sociology, Political Science, War and Military Science, Management, International Affairs, Self-Help and other allied subjects. We vspecialise in International co-editions.

Shubhi is always looking to add to its prestigious list of publications and will welcome authors with original and well researched manuscripts for pub,lication.

Books produced by shubhi are available at all leading bookshops and libraries throughout the world and can be directly availed of from Shubhi Publications or through this website.

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